GRNET AAI Federation

Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure


If you are having difficulties using AAI-enabled services and you belong to a participating organization, you may contact the following, depending on the problem's nature:

  • If you encountered a problem in the pages of the service you attempted to use, then you should contact the respective service administrators, as they appear in the service's homepage.
  • If you encountered a problem in your Home Organization's authentication page, then you should contact your Home Organization's User Helpdesk. This is also the place to solve account-related issues, like the loss or change of your password, change of your contact details, etc.
  • If you encountered a problem in the intermediate webpage,, then you should contact GRNET's Helpdesk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked by users

  • I cannot login or I forgot my password. Who can help me?
    If your Home Institution is mentioned in the list of participating organizations, you should contact your organization's User Helpdesk, where problems with your account can be solved. If no problems with your account are found, then please contact the administrators of the service you are trying to access.
  • What services are available over GRNET's AAI?
    See the main page.
  • What do I have to do in order to be granted access to GRNET's AAI?
    If your Home Institution is already participating in DELOS Federation, then no action is required from your part. Your username and password are the same as those used for the services provided by your organization.

Questions asked by administrators

  • Can my institution become a member of DELOS Federation?
    DELOS Federation is targeted towards the Hellenic Academic, Research and Education community. Therefore, only Academic or Research Institutes can participate as Identity Providers. This restriction does not apply to Service Providers, as long as they provide content that serves academic or research goals.
  • What should I do to grant my users access to the DELOS Federation's services?
    Your institution must be equipped with a suitable Identity Provider, which requires:
    • the development of a comprehensive LDAP-based directory service and the infrastructure needed to keep account data up-to-date
    • the installation of an AAI "Identity Provider" software compatible with the SAML 2.0 specification. Shibboleth IdP is recommended.
    For more information, please contact GRNET's Helpdesk
  • How can I provide a service to the DELOS Federation's members?
    You must install a "Service Provider" software, compatible with the SAML 2.0 specification. Shibboleth SP is recommended.
  • Who is operating the DELOS Federation's infrastructure?
    DELOS Federation is operated by GRNET's Network Operations Centre (NOC). For additions, removals, other changes and troubleshooting regarding the Federation itself you may contact GRNET's Helpdesk.